Hey dummy…..

Ok so first off if anyone who is easily offended do not read any further. Alright people what the hell? If you ate coughing, sneezing, runny nose, why do you insist on making an appearance in public? Then you go to a grocey store or a mall and you start coughing or sneezing on or near someone else. I see you, and you know who you are, wiping your snot on walls, carts, door handles, you nasty fu$%# tard, and instead of doing the right thing you decide to keep on moving while spreading youre sicknesses. You are not very bright are you? Haven’t you been watching the news? Hey moron think about others, who are dying by the way, other than youre self. If and when i see anybody who isnt covering their mouth or not sneezing without covering youre face i wil call you out in front everone and embarrass the fu$# out of you